Tahareinu, a project of the organization Torat Hamishpacha is a woman to woman hotline to serve callers with tahara related questions and concerns.  To help spread the word about this amazing hotline that many woman can benefit from, an event was arranged as a promoting service to Tahareinu. Graphics, social media, and PR were extremely crucial, as it would be the first face of the organization to many women and would need to make a strong first impression on them.  With the challenge ahead, ThinkInk Creations launched two pre-event videos along with multiple ads for the social media campaign to get the word out about the upcoming event. For branding Tahareinu, a logo was created to start and along came all the other PR items.  Envelopes with a magnet, notes papers, a trifold brochure, 16 page booklet, and a card for sponsorship were designed. Banners, runners, roll-ups and stage paraphernalia were part of the design job, as well.
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